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The NPI Guide has been updated!

Of the hundreds of NPI publications available, if you only ever read one NPI document, make sure you read the latest version of The NPI Guide.

Version 6.1 of the NPI Guide was recently released and contains the following sections:

  Section 1 - An overview of what the National Pollutant Inventory is

  Section 2 - Reporting thresholds and how to apply them to a particular site

  Section 3 - Estimating emissions of substances which must be reported to the NPI

  Section 4 - Estimating NPI substances in transfers of wastes

  Section 5 - How to report emissions and transfers to the NPI

The latest update to the NPI Guide provided new internet information links but has not affected calculation methods or reporting requirements - please see page 53 for a summary of changes.

If you need to report to the NPI, please read the NPI Guide carefully to maximise the chance of fully meeting all reporting requirements.

Please contact NPI+ at peter@NPIplus.com.au if you have any questions about how NPI+ can help you meet the requirements of the NPI for the latest reporting period.

Or, you can contact the relevant government agency in your state as shown on page (iii) of The NPI Guide, or shown here on the NPI government website.

News item added 15 november 2015 and updated 11 October 2019, by Peter Eriksen

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What is the National Pollutant Inventory?

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