National Pollutant Inventory Reporting and other Environment Related Consultancy Services for Australian Industry

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Services offered

NPI+ is a consultancy business which specialises in helping Australian companies prepare their annual National Pollutant Inventory reports as well as providing other environment related services.

There is a range of ways NPI+ can help you. NPI+ can work as part of an in-house team working on a large site NPI report. Or, for smaller sites, NPI+ can collect the relevant data in one or more visits and prepare a draft report for site review before submission via the NPI online reporting portal.

If NPI reporting for your facility is relatively simple, this list of NPI reporting steps may be of assistance. If, however, your facility has numerous emission sources and/or you have limited experience with NPI reporting, you are likely to save money and time by contacting NPI+ for assistance.

NPI+ can provide general advice about addressing environmental issues associated with industrial activities. NPI+ has connections with EPA Auditors and other consultants with specialist capabilities.

Please contact NPI+ to discuss your service requirements.

NPI+ visits the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide NPI+ at a mine tailings dam in Western Australia
Updated 1 July, 2022