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NPI+ has developed a range of tools to estimate information required for NPI and other types of reporting.

Please note that the calculation solutions developed by NPI+ for clients are often quite complex and for this reason it is recommended that these reporting solutions are only used in conjunction with assistance from NPI+ to avoid problems or issues that could occur if changes are made and unforeseen consequences arise from such changes.

The following calculation tools have been developed to date:

  • NPI information request templates
  • Spreadsheet to aggregate NPI emission estimates from a range of sources
  • Vehicle exhaust emissions from a wide range vehicles using a wide range of fuels
  • Blasting emissions (combustion and dust)
  • Fuel and organic liquid storage emissions
  • Dust emissions at mines
  • Emissions from stationary natural gas, LPG and diesel combustion engines
  • Emissions from acid storage
  • Emissions from fuel storage tanks
  • Cyanide emissions from gold mining processes
  • Time series of all emissions and transfers reported by an NPI facility
  • Emissions from wine and spirit production
  • Transfer reporting checklist
  • Greenhouse gas emissions using National Greenhouse Accounts factors
  • Spreadsheet to assist compilation of NGERS data for entry to EERS
  • Volatile Organic Compounds emissions from printing processes (based on EPA Victoria Publication 940)

Please e-mail NPI+ to find out how you can save yourself the time involved in re-inventing the wheel!

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Updated 14 November 2023