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What is the National Pollutant Inventory?

The National Pollutant Inventory - or NPI for short - is a government program that collects and stores information about Australian pollutant emissions. A condensed version of the information collected is available to the public via the NPI website www.npi.gov.au.

The NPI collects information about environmental emissions of 93 substances, listed here on the NPI website. The NPI does not give information about the concentration of substances in the environment nor the consequent impact on people and the environment. The dispersion of pollutant emissions from sources such as vehicles and industry (and the subsequent impact of the emissions on people and the environment) is dependent on complex interactive processes between meteorology and the physical characteristics of land and built structures.

The legal basis for the NPI is in Commonwealth legislation in the National Environment Protection (National Pollutant Inventory) Measure 1998 while complementary State and Territory legislation allows for implementation in the States and Territories of Australia.

The NPI has been collecting information since 1998 and many publications have been prepared to present and analyse the data; this information is available here on the NPI website.

Late in 2016 a review of the NPI was announced; read more about this here.

For a brief overview of whether your industrial facility needs to submit a report to the NPI please read this and then download and read the latest version of the NPI Guide for the full details.

Please contact peter@NPIplus.com.au if you have any questions about how NPI+ can help you meet the requirements of the NPI for the current reporting period, or otherwise assist you in understanding how NPI data can be used to benefit your business by integrating the information reported into your corporate reporting programs and actively tracking trends in emissions over time.

Please note that NPI+ is a separate commercial entity, completely unrelated to and independent of the NPI government program.

The relevant government agency that you should contact about NPI related questions in your state is shown here on the Commonwealth government's NPI website. The government's NPI website can be accessed by clicking the NPI website logo shown below:


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