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Useful Links

Login to NPI reporting portal: www.environment.gov.au

The NPI website: www.dcceew.gov.au

NPI Publications: www.dcceew.gov.au

NPI Handbooks: www.dcceew.gov.au

Search for an NPI report: www.dcceew.gov.au

Map view of all NPI reporting facilities: www.nationalmap.gov.au

Information about hazardous substances: art-metal.ca

NPI substances (NPI website): www.dcceew.gov.au

NPI substances (Wikipedia): en.wikipedia.org

NPI substance emissions: www.npi.gov.au

US EPA AP-42: www.epa.gov

Units convertor: www.unitconversion.org

Land and Survey Spatial Information (LASSI): maps.land.vic.gov.au

NGERS Register: www.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au

Login to EERS portal: eers.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au


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What is the National Pollutant Inventory?

Updated 22 March 2024