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Preparing NPI reports

The process of preparing an NPI report may be relatively simple if the reporting facility only has one or two emission sources and the person doing the report knows the site and has previous experience with NPI emission calculations and reporting. In such situations, the information provided on the Australian Government's NPI website may be sufficient to complete reporting.

If, however, there are numerous emission sources and/or there is limited experience with NPI reporting, the assistance of a consultant to prepare reports can save time, money and the aggravation of having to resubmit report(s) in response to subsequent government scrutiny and questions.

NPIplus has extensive experience and can typically complete the work involved in NPI reporting in a fraction of the time taken by someone with less experience. Comprehensive computerised reporting solutions have been developed and tested over many years at a wide range of facilities across Australia.

To get an idea of the effort involved in successfully preparing and submitting an NPI report, have look at this list of 25 steps for NPI reporting.

In addition please note these broader points:

  1. If changes have occured at your facility you should check if there is still a requirement to report to the NPI. A brief overview of reporting requirements can be seen here and the latest version of the NPI Guide should also be consulted.

  2. During the Reporting Period, collect information on a monthly or quarterly basis so that at the end of the Reporting Period you have all the information you require. An important advantage of collecting information on a continuous and ongoing basis is that any issues or questions from the people collecting the data can be dealt with early on, rather than after the Reporting Period ends, when it may be too late to make changes to the way information is gathered.

  3. If you are also required to do National Energy and Greenhouse Reporting (NGER), please double check that any information reported to Government in NPI is consistent with information reported to Government in NGER (if the reporting periods are the same). Information that may have commonality includes electricity usage as well as on-site mass usages of diesel, natural gas, LPG, petrol and other fuels.

Please complete this form to request a quote for assistance with NPI reporting. If you require assistance, please contact me as early as possible to enable timely and orderly NPI reporting.

News item updated 11 October 2019, by Peter Eriksen

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