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NPI+ is a net zero operation. This is achieved by minimising carbon emissions associated with office and transport operations by relevant technological means and offsetting remaining carbon emissions by purchasing carbon offsets. Estimation of home and business Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are shown below:

1. The Australian Greenhouse Calculator was used to estimate carbon emissions and adjusted for changes in 2022.

2. Since 2019, electric vehicle transportion has conservatively halved the original 8.7 tonne diesel vehicle transport emissions.

3. Since 2019, there has been no air travel so the original 0.11 tonnes has been eliminated.

4. Since 2020, an expanded solar panel and battery system has been installed halving this contribution from the original 0.36 tonnes.

5. Since 2018, buying less processed and carbon intensive food has conservatively reduced this contribution by 25% from the original 10.4 tonnes.

6. Since 2021, more food waste has been processed by composting and a newly established worm farm.

7. Emissions are adjusted upwards by 25% to account for calculation uncertainties and then rounded up to the nearest whole number.

8. The emissions are offset using carbon credits from Greenfleet, a respected source of biodiverse carbon offsets since 1997.

9. Cost of Greenfleet carbon offsets is $18 per tonne.

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